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Food Service Establishment Inspection Program

About this Program:
Types of Inspections:

Public Health Specialists perform inspections of over 2,000 food service establishments within Jefferson County. These inspections protect the public's health by assuring that foods sold and served in Jefferson County are as safe as they can be and that food service establishments comply with state laws and regulations.

Please note that the inspection reports represented on this Web site reflect what the inspector observed during the actual inspection and may not accurately represent the sanitary condition of the establishment over time.

Data on this Web site is updated daily.

If you have questions, please call 303-232-6301.

Jefferson County Public Health conducts numerous types of inspections. The following inspection types are displayed on this Web site.

Routine Inspection:
Unannounced full inspections that are conducted on a frequency determined by the establishment's operation based on type of menu and inspection history.

Unannounced full inspections that are conducted as a result of violations which cause the establishment to not pass a routine inspection based on statutory enforcement requirements.
These inspections are normally conducted within 10 business days of the routine inspection.

Enforcement Re-Opening Inspection:
Inspection to approve the re-opening of an establishment after closure due to an imminent health hazard or continued not pass result from previous inspections.
These inspections are normally conducted within 3 business days of the closure.

Types of Violations
Food safety issues noted during an inspection are categorized as either Foodborne Illness Risk Factors / Public Health Interventions or Good Retail Practices .

Foodborne Illness Risk Factors / Public Health Interventions:
Risk factors are important practices or procedures identified as the most prevalent contributing factors of foodborne illness or injury. Public health interventions are control measures to prevent foodborne illness or injury.

Good Retail Practices:
Good Retail Practices are preventative measures to control the addition of pathogens, chemicals & physical objects into foods.

The central goal of providing inspection reports to the public is to educate and promote public awareness concerning food safety practices within Jefferson County food service establishments. Safe food preparation and handling practices are crucial to preventing foodborne illness in Jefferson County.

If you have questions or experience problems using this Web application, please call Jefferson County Public Health, Food Safety Program at 303-232-6301.